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Dennis D. Freeman, E.A.
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Thirty five years of tax experience to assist your business!

I have over thirty five years of tax experience.  This includes time with both major corporations and international professional service firms. This experience has been with companies ranging in size from large multi-national and multi-state corporations to smaller, one location firms.  These companies were in a variety of industries, including:
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering, Construction and Construction Management
  • Mining
  • Services

I am available to assist with your tax problems, or manage all or part of your corporation tax function if you desire to out-source tax functions. Some of the services provided include:
  • Corporation Income Taxes:
    •  Consolidated Federal and combined state return preparation and other tax compliance;
    •  Multi-state tax return filing;
    •  Foms 5471 and 5472 for international affiliates;
    •  Subpart F Income, foreign tax credits etc.
    •  Domestic Production Activities Deduction;
    •  Experience in capital intensive industries.
  • Representation on audits by the I.R.S. and state tax authorities;
  • Experience in Fin 48 analysis and SOX testing of tax provisions in addition to basic FAS 109 experience;
  • Tax equalization programs for overseas employees;
  • Assistance with property taxes, state mining taxes and other taxes;
  • Information Returns (Forms W-2 and 1099);
  • Selected state and local tax support.